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Bar Bets and Tricks


How To Be Funny Course is filled with fun bets and challenges designed for you to easily win every time.
Win drinks, money and extra tips anytime you wish with this free cross-referenced, library of fun bar bets and tricks.

Always be one step ahead of your friends...
Get your cheap buddy to buy you a round of shots whenever you wish...
Increase your tips behind the bar by entertaining your customers with fun games and bets you will win every time...
Impress anyone you wish by being more fun and a little more interesting to be around with your new bag of tricks...

Ask anyone... a few good tricks and know-how can get you a long way in life. Have fun!

How to find a Bar Bet :
Search for bar bets and tricks in the search section above or click a tab on the left to find a bar bet by category. Either way, you will easily find fun ways to entertain your friends while accumalating free drinks and cold hard cash with ease. Remember... Good entertainment costs money, you deserve it:)

Cheers and Enjoy!


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