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Bet Category: Physical Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: A business card and scissors

The Bet: You can cut a hole into a business card and stick your head through it.

The Catch: If you fold the business card in half and cut it a certain pattern - you can easily place your head through it. Maybe even your entire body...


1. Wager a bet that you can cut a hole in a business card and put your entire head through it.

2. Fold the business card.

3. Starting at folded side - start cutting an eighth of an inch away from the edge perpendicular to the fold. Stop cutting an eighth inch from the end.

4. Alternate to the other side(turn the card around 180 degrees), move in an eighth of an inch away from the first cut and cut up to an eighth of an inch from the end.

5. Alternate from side to side cutting in the same pattern again and again until you reach the end.

6. Carefully and easily open this crazy, jig-saw of a creation- making sure not to break or tear any part that will break the circle.

7. Your head will easily fit into the one hole in your business card which now looks like a jagged shaped necklace.



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