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21 Aces

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Dice

Supplies Needed: Five dice, alcohol

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Almost Drunk

Game Rating: 6

The game is played by counting the number “ones” that are rolled.

Drink: The person who rolls the twenty first "one" had to drink the shot

Start out by having the first player roll all five dice at once. Each person takes turns rolling the dice until the “one” is rolled for the seventh time.

The person that rolled the seventh “one” gets to choose which shot is taken at the end of the game.

The person who rolls the fourteenth “one” has to pay for the shot. The person who rolls the twenty first “one” has to drink the shot.

Note: Each player will be taking turns rolling 5 dice at once until the dice has been rolled for the 16th time. After the 16th roll you will take one die out after each roll. So once you get to the 20th roll you will only have one die.
Roll # / # of Dice
1-16/ 5
17 / 4
18 / 3
19 / 2
20 / 1
21 / Drink


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