Bar Jokes
You’re Cut off…
Looking to buy a frog?
Who can say this sentence?
You looked a lot like my wife
Making a bet at a bar
A nun arrives at the local bar
Reasons to allow drinking at work
I have a magical dancing duck
He is a very fast drinker
A bet made at the local bar
What causes people to have arthritis?
The customs of an Irishman
You can't bring that dog in this bar
The story of a very short man
The story of a very short man
They are stopped by the police
A seal visits a local bar
A man takes the ferry home from work
Female hormones in beer
A very depressed man
Three vampires go to a bar
The wife is not speaking to me
Who gave you those black eyes?
Free drinks for everyone
This pill allows you to fly
Driving home very drunk
I'm trying to prove a point
A pirate at the local bar discusses his past
A drunk orders himself a beer
The wife is not speaking to me
Who keeps saying those things?
Someone stole things from me
I think I'll try a nicer approach
Bad luck finding a place to hide
I know you were drunk yesterday
My girlfriend is out in the car
I bet I can bite both of my eyes
This tells me that I must be drunk
Some very common traits in two drunks
The number twelve goes to a bar
The Drunk
Drunk and the Nun
Got Beer?
High Tech.
What! Me Drunk?
Belligerent Bear
Beer and a Box
The Man in the Tweed Jacket
The Pony
Blind Man
Ball Licker
Frogs on his Head
Bar Joke
Drinkin Fly
Dollar bills
Tarmac too
Steering wheel
Bears in Bars
Mirror mirror
Smart Dog
Lumps of Meat
Two Hunters
They call it Oz
Loud Music
Three Feet
Brother, brother
Mr. Peanut never talked
There's something about Mary
A Girly Temple, please
Comin' in from da cold, mon
The Pope and Dopey
Who you calling chicken?
What Time Does The Bar Open?
The Lawyer and the Blonde
Horse sense
What Time Does The Bar Open?
Lone Ranger and Tonto
Bar Flies
Against the Lawyers
Flies 'n Bikers
But She's Smart Enough To Get There
Mourning Blonde
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up
Why would anyone want to get married?
People say the funniest things when they’re drunk
Drunken master
Wife Control
Very Attractive Woman



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