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Just Floating Around

Magic Category: Levitation Magic Trick

Supplies Needed: Shoes(preferably loafers that are easy to slip into and out of)
A jacket or some sort of sheet
Super Glue or Epoxy
Velcro strip

Summary: The trick begins as a joke. You basically take off your jacket or use someone else’s and lower it over your feet. You then make a leg disappear. Yes, completely disappear from the knee down. Then all of a sudden you start floating in the air about 3 or 4 inches. Then both your legs float in an angle to the left then to the right. You even float in an angle forward towards your audience.

Then you finally pull up your jacket to reveal that your legs and feet were behind the jacket and you do not have any props or hidden apparatus. The audience is amazed, puzzled and very interested in what they just witnessed.

Secret: Your shoes are stck together with Velcro. So as you are balanced on one leg you can lif another and it seems that your body is floating behind your jacket.

Set up: Karl Fulves or U.F. Grant is the magician that is credited with this trick which was first believed to be performed in the 1970's.

Seperate the Velcro strip and glue a strip to the inner sides of each shoe so the Velcro strips cause the shoes to stick together when placed together. You should have one pair of shoes which are easy to slip in and out of that you can use just for this trick.

Experiment with the Velcro and glue to see what works best.


Step 1: Position the audience about 3 to 5 feet directly in front of you. Make sure you perform this trick without any people behind you or to the sides of you.

Step 2: Take your jacket off and lower it over your feet while holding the jacket with your two hands along the shoulder’s seams of the jacket. Make sure the bottom hem of the jacket is brushing the ground.

Step 3: Tell the audience that at first you are going to make your right leg disappear.

Now hold your right leg up and back while balancing on your left leg. Then raise the jacket up to just below your knee. From the audience’s view it looks as if your right leg has disappeared.

Lower the jacket and your right leg. Slip your right foot into your shoe again. Then lift the jacket again showing the audience that your right leg is back.

Step 4: Do the same thing for your left leg. Lift your left leg while balancing on your right leg then lift the jacket to show the left leg is missing. Now lower the jacket to the ground again then slip into your left foot into your left shoe.

Lift the jacket to show your left leg has returned.

Step 5: Play up to the idea that the audience may not think disappearing legs is such a big deal. So let them know that you are going to try to see if you can do some levitation or say you will something more interesting.

Hold your jacket to the ground with the hem of the jacket brushing the ground in front of your shoes. Slip your right foot out of your shoe again and take a natural step back. Your left foot is still in the left shoe.

Now, you have a choice. You can either move your jacket closer to you or move your left foot forward. You are doing one of these so the audience can see the toes of your shoes protruding out from under the bottom of your jacket while you have a leg to balance on. You should test to see if moving your foot forward or moving the jacket back works best for you.

From the perspective of the audience, you look as if you are simply standing with both feet in your shoes behind the jacket.

Step 6: Levitating Up and Forward:
Now very slowly and gently lift your left leg up and forward a few inches off the ground toward your audience. Raise your jackets hem a little so they can actually see the shadow under your shoes.

Since your shoes are connected, you look as if you are actually floating. Plus with the position of your jacket the audience can clearly see the ground just underneath your shoes as well.

Important: Make sure that any movement you make can be done with excellent balance. So you will have to practice to see what you can do fluidly with the greatest visual effect.

Step 7: Floating with your Body Slanted to the Left:
Now you can create the illusion that you are levitating your body in slanted angles off the ground by moving your left foot and shoes up and to the left while leaning your upper body to the right. It looks like your body is slanted and levitating to the left.

Floating with your Body Slanted to the Right:
You can then try something a little trickier which is while balancing on your right leg you can move your left leg and shoes across the front of your body to the right while leaning your upper body to the left. Make sure you can balance well and perform this smoothly before you try this in front of an audience.


You can put your left foot and shoes down onto the ground again then place your jackets hem on the ground in front of your shoes. Then place your right foot into your shoe and take a step back with your left foot. Move the hem of the jacket over the toes of your shoes.

Now you can create the illusion that you are levitating your body in a slanted angle off the ground by moving your right foot and shoes up and to the right while leaning your upper body to the left. It looks like your body is slanted and levitating to the right.

Step 8: Finished Floating Yet?:
After you finish floating, lower your jacket again to in front of your shoes. Slip your foot into your shoes. Separate your shoes. Hopefully the place you are performing this trick in is loud enough to drawn out the ripping Velcro sound. Remove the jacket to reveal that you are not using any hidden props or special magic trick apparatus.

Covering the Ripping Velcro Sound:
Some magicians suggest that you make a dramatic flip of your coat while you are separating your shoes to cover the Velcro ripping sound. The movement is similar to the abrupt, strong snap a matador makes with a cape during a bull fight.


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