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The Balducci Levitation

Magic Category: Levitation Trick

Supplies Needed: None

Summary: You step a few feet away from your audience and then all of a sudden you appear to levitate a few inches off the ground, hover for a few seconds and then return back to the ground.

Secret: The Balducci Levitation was first described in July 1974 by Ed Balducci in The Pallbearer’s Review, a magician’s magazine. The trick is simple but does take a lot of practice. You will need a trusted friend to help you during some practices.

The secret is to stand on your tiptoes on your right foot facing the 10 o’clock angles position with your back to the audience. Only the heel of your right foot will be seen because you are blocking your right foot with your flat left foot.

This trick has inspired modern-day, single-person levitations like the ones performed by David Blaine and Chris Angel.

Set up: The presentation and set up is important. You should practice with a friend to help you find the best possible angle and distance for you to stand from the audience. A doorway or just past a doorway is a good place to try sometimes.

Follow the following important presentation and setup suggestions:
* Psychologically prepare your audience by steering the conversation to levitation or magic.
* Bring it up nonchalantly, like you can float a little sometimes or you feel as if you are physically floating at times. You can sale it more by saying you learned how to tap into this energy from an old aunt in the bayous of Louisiana.
* Make sure you say that sometimes it doesn’t work or the energy is very important and must be right to perform this.
* You can speak of how some magician’s on TV use special apparatuses, cables, or clothing that helps them with this trick. Just say whatever you think sounds good.
* Make sure you perform this in a small group standing close together. You have to manage the audience well.
* Make sure you are wearing pants because your calf muscle of your right leg will be flexed and could be a tell sign in shorts.
* Before you perform it, pace around to find the right spot and angle. Act as if you are preparing for a sports race. Really concentrate…


Step 1: Read the Setup above. Make sure you follow all the presentation and setup rules.

Step 2: Talk to your friends about being able to float sometimes. Say you can only do it sometimes and the energy has to be right. Really act serious when needed and sale it nonchalantly.

Step 3: Manage your small group by placing them in a small area close together.

Important: Have your audience extend their arms out ready to catch you in case you fall.

Step 4: Step 3 to 6 feet away from the audience and pace around a little to find the perfect spot and angle. Act as if you are trying to concentrate and get into the right vibe and pick up the right energy. Act as if you are psyching yourself out for a sporting event or important recital. Shake and stretch your hands, neck and arms if you like. Really sell it.

Step 5: With your audience at 6 o’clock, angle your body facing 10 o’clock or at around a 45degree or 50degree angle.

Your entire audience should have about a clear view of the complete left side of your left foot including the heel and toe. They should only see the heel of your right foot.

Step 6: With you arm loosely on your side, stand up still and straight. Make sure your feet, heels and ankles are pressed together.

Step 7: Very slowly and controlled push yourself up with your right foot onto your tip toes. Keep your left foot flat and parallel to the ground as it rises.

While rising up, lift your arms smoothly out to the side with your elbows bent slightly if you like. Or you can raise your fists up towards your chest and chin while you are rising. These are done to help increase the illusion of the levitation.

Hover for a few moments, just long enough to not look light your are jumping and not long enough for people to look around and figure out how you are doing it.

Step 8: Drop to your feet a little hard to convey to illusion that you rose even higher than you did. You can bend your knees on the landing too.

Act a little dizzy, and light-headed. Eventually ask how high you got. This question is important because it will allow the height to build more when they tell the story later.

Don’t ruin the trick by bragging or acting a little cocky. Make sure you simply act tired and a little woozy.

You have done the impossible and your friends know it, Mr(s) Mysterious Levitator…


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