Easy Magic Tricks


Magnetic Pencil #2

Magic Category: Prop Magic Trick

Supplies Needed: 2 Pencils and a wristwatch

Summary: This is a great follow-up and enhancement to Magnetic Pencil #1. After you do the Magnetic Pencil #1 trick and your friends feel you need to hold your wrist to do the trick. They will be amazed when you finally let go of your wrist and the Pencil is still stuck to your palm.

Secret: Use another pencil stuck in your wrist watch to hold up the magnetic pencil in your ‘Flat Hand’.

Set up: Put a wristwatch on. Place one end of the other pencil parallel to your wrist into the wristwatch band. Make sure the pencil extends to the middle of your palm.
You will be using the ‘Wrist Hand’ to slip the magnetic pencil under the other pencil to hold it in snuggly under your ‘Flat Hand’. The pencil under the watch keeps the magnetic pencil under your hand in place like your finger did in ‘Magnetic Pencil #1’.


Step 1: With the pencil set up under the wristwatch. Grab your wrist of the ‘Flat Hand’ with the palm down. Bring the hand down over the pencil.

Step 2: While your ‘Flat Hand’ is over the magnetic pencil, secretly shove the magnetic pencil under the pencil in your wrist watch with the ‘Wrist Grabbing Hand’.

Step 3: Slowly lift your hand with the pencil seemingly stuck to it and your ‘Wrist Grabbing Hand’ wrapped around your wrist. Make sure to have your palm flat down and they can’t see the wrist watch pencil. The pencil appears to be stuck to your hand.

Step 4: For the effect, you can make sure you are still displaying the only 3 fingers wrapped around your wrist instead of 4 fingers.

Step 5: Now suddenly let go of your wrist being held by your ‘Wrist Grabbing Hand’ to reveal the illusion that the pencil is magically stuck to the palm of your hand.

Step 6: As you bring your hand and magnetic pencil down onto the table, grab your wrist with your ‘Wrist Grabbing Hand’ and quickly and smoothly slip the wrist watch pencil from under the wrist watch with that hand. This releases the magnetic pencil.

Step 7: Take your other hand (‘Wrist Grabbing Hand’) away as you display and bring attention to the magnetic pencil now on the table. Now the pencil is on the table, so you can show the palm of your hand revealing nothing can be holding the pencil.

Step 8: Get rid of the other pencil by slipping it into your pocket, dropping it onto the floor or where ever you feel is most appropriate for the situation.


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