Easy Magic Tricks


The Necklace Trick

Magic Category: Prop Magic Trick

Supplies Needed: 3 beads (or as many as you like)
2 strings

Summary: You show the necklace to someone. You tie the two ends of the necklaces string into a knot.

Place the beads in a person’s hand and pull both ends of the string. The beads miraculously end up in the person’s hand without the string.

Alternate way-You can hold the beads and have the person pull the string until the beads are alone in your hand.

Secret: The two strings are held together by one of the beads center. When the ends of the strings are pulled – the strings are actually being pulled apart from inside the bead revealing the string-less beads.

Set up: You need to make sure the beads can fit the thickness of 4 strings you are using easily. You don’t want the strings to fit too tight or too loose because it will complicate the trick.

With no one around before you perform the trick, set up the necklace as the instructions state.


Step 1: Place the two ends of one of the strings together (in other words double back the string). Thread a bead with the folded end of the string.

Step 2: Place the two ends of second strings together (in other words double back the second string).

Step 3: Thread the folded end of one string through the folded end of the other string with the bead on it. Curve the non beaded string back making a slight hook with the string which is threading the string with the bead on it.

Step 4: Slide the two strings until the hooked string section is in the center of the bead.

Step 5: String as many beads onto the string as the necklace can handle and you like. You can even wear the necklace for the effect as long as you have the right thickness that holds the necklace together well.

Step 6: Performing the Trick: Show the necklace.

Take one tread from each string and start to tie a knot as if you are beginning to tie your shoes.

Step 7: Keep pulling the string until it seems like the beads are trapped on the string.

Step 8: So the beads will not fly off in every direction, either you hold the beads in your hand while the spectator pull the strings or switch positions having s(he) hold the beads while you pull. Either way, the beads are left in someone’s hand with no string. Welcome them to examine the beads and the strings.


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