Easy Magic Tricks


Fix What's Broken

Magic Category: Cigarettes&Matches

Supplies Needed: 2 match folders, one folder used before the trick + one folder borrowed during the trick

Summary: Break the 'Head' off a match. Place the 'Tail' in the spectators hand to hold. The matches 'Head' disappears. The spectator opens his(her) hand to find the match back together.

Secret: You have a 'Head' of the match in your hand that you tore off before the trick. You never actually tear the 'Head' off the match in front of the audience.
You pretend to. The full match was placed in their hands not the 'Tail' half of the match but you make it seem as if it's the broken 'Tail' you placed in their hand.

Key: 'Head'=Top flammable part

'Tail'=the remaining part made of cardboard or wood match with no head.

Need: You need an extra 'Head'(top part) in your pocket or anywhere you can quickly grab it from another match folder without them seeing. Tear the 'Head' off a match in the bathroom, or under the table- just get the 'Head' without their knowledge.

After you get the match 'Head', throw away the rest or pocket it.
You won't need its 'Tail' anymore.

During Trick:
Right Hand: Broken off 'Head' before the trick.

Left Hand: Full Match that you pretended to tear with your right hand. It's supposed to be just the 'Tail'

Set up: You can say, "Did you know that many things is broken can be restored?"


Step 1: Before the Trick: Pinch the 'Head' off a match. Now you are ready for the trick.

Step 2: Pick up or Ask to borrow a folder of matches. Ask a friend or anyone to rip a match out of the match folder and hand the match to you.

Step 3: Left Hand: Grab the match with your left hand and hold it just below the head between your thumb and pointer finger. Make sure the 'Tail' is covered and hidden by the palm of your left hand(the same hand).

Move your Right and Left hands thumb and pointer fingers together.

Step 4: While you are bringing your hands together, rotate(reverse) the full match in your Left hand 180degrees in the opposite direction. Now the 'Tail' is showing slightly and the head of the full match is hidden by your left hand palm.

Step 5: Act as if you are tearing the 'Head' with your Right Hand from the 'Tail'(which is the full match) in your left hand.

As you are seperating your hands after the fake tear, slide the 'Head' forward and up a little more with your Right Hand(which is where the 'Head' has been since the start of the trick. This is all done to make sure the spectator sees it.


At the same time, slide the 'Tail' in the Left Hand forward, so the 'Tail' of the match can be seen better too.

Step 6: Have the spectator hold out their right hand and place the 'Head' of the match which is in your right hand in to their open palm.

Ask them if they prefer the 'Head' or 'Tail'?

*If 'HEADS', you hold onto the 'Tail'.
Right Hand: Pick up the 'Head' with you Right Hand's thumb and pointer fingers and place the 'Tail' end of the full match into their hand and tell them to make a fist.
Make sure you don't let go of the match until its totally covered because if it is not covered properly they could see the match has its 'Head' and 'Tail' intact.

*If they choose 'TAILS' then:

Tell the the volunteer to hold onto the 'Tail' end(actual full match). Tell the spectator to hold onto it tightly so you can not touch it in anyway.

The question throws the spectator/audience off and makes them think that they are affecting the outcome of the trick.

Step 7: Smoothly, without anyone noticing, drop the 'Head' in your Right hand to the ground while telling your spectator to clinch their fist. Simply drop the 'Head' on the floor.

You can brush it away with your feet, cover it with your shoe, or do anything you like to get rid of the 'Head' without them noticing. They won't look on the floor though but if you want to be safe- get rid of it because they can't find the other 'Head'.

Step 8: Tell the spectator that they might not believe it but they may feel a little something in their hand.

Hold right your Right Hand up with your thumb and fingers pinched. Do something like tap the back of your hand or act as if you are throwing the Head of the match into their hand or waive it around, it's your choice.

Then open your hand to reveal that their is no match 'Head' in your Right hand.

Ask the spectator to slowly open their hand to find the match completely restored in their hand.

Its Amazing!


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