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Magic Category: Card Magic Trick

Supplies Needed: Deck of cards

Summary: Someone picks a card out of the deck, remembers it, shows everyone except you, then returns the card to the deck. The deck is cut a couple times. Amazingly, you find the card.

Secret: Allow the Spectator to shuffle the cards. While a spectator or friend is looking at the card they picked, you will Peek at the key card(locator card) by simply tilting half the cut deck in a slight angle upward so you can see it. Peek at the Locator Card and memorize it while pointing to the top card of the other deck.

Pointing To Card: With the half cut Peek deck(the cut deck you will Peek at) in your right hand - Point to the Top Card of the other half cut deck with your pointer finger. This will allow you to Peek at the Locator Card while telling the spectator to place their card at the top of the other deck you are pointing at.

Cover the Peek deck by completely surrounding it with your right hand while pointing to the other deck. It’s just one less thing for the spectator to think about or look for.

Your audience will not notice the Peek. They will be focused on making sure don’t see their card and following directions. Plus, a lot of people know the Pick-A-Card trick and will be thrown off by you asking the spectator to shuffle the cards first.

Basic Secret: Remember another card in the deck which magicians call the Key Card or the Locator Card and place your spectator’s Chosen Card next to it. In order to find the spectator’s Chosen Card you must know where the Key/Locator Card you memorized is.

Set up: Ask a person to pick any card and show everyone except you. After they cut the deck a couple times - Tell them to think of the card in their head but don’t say it. Tell them you can sense which card it is if they can picture the card clearly in their mind.


Step 1: Ask the volunteer to shuffle the cards.

Step 2: Fan the cards on a table or spread them out in your hand.

Step 3: Ask them to pick a card and show everyone except you.

Step 4: Cut the deck in 2. While a spectator or friend is looking at the card they picked, you will Peek at the key card(locator card) by simply tilting half the cut deck in a slight angle upward so you can see it.

Peek at the bottom Locator Card while pointing to the top card of the other deck. You are pointing to the top card of the other half of the cut deck while telling them to place their Chosen Card there.

Step 5: Ask them to place their card at the top of the half cut deck you are pointing at. Place the cut deck with the Locator Card located at the bottom on top of the Volunteers Chosen card at the top of the other half of the cut deck. This finishes the cut.

Step 6: Ask them to just cut the deck a few times. You can cut it one extra if you like. The locator card you Peeked at and memorized should still be next to their Chosen Card.

Important: Don't shuffle the deck because the Locator Card and Volunteer’s Chosen Card might become separated if you do.

Important: Don't make a big deal about cutting the deck of cards or mention mixing the cards because the volunteer may want to shuffle them. Just say 'Cut the deck a few times.’

Step 7: Spread the cards out face up and Find your memorized card. The card UNDERNEITH it will be the Volunteers Chosen Card. Ask the Volunteer if they see their card - Look away and tell the volunteer you are looking away because you don't want to see what they are looking at.

Step 8: Cut the Volunteers Chosen Card to the top of the deck. Ask them what card is their card then Reveal their card at the top of the deck in an interesting way.


Simply, reveal to them their Chosen Card in one of the many interesting ways we have on this website.
You can simply turn over the top card if you like… The trick is done and you are the greatest, of course.

Tip and Important Lesson:
A famous twentieth-century magic inventor and author, J.G. Thompson Jr., once said that if you know 100 ways to find a card and only one way to reveal it, your spectator, audience and friends will think you only know one card trick. But if you only know one way to find a card and 100 ways to reveal it, it looks as if you know 100 card tricks.

The Revelation: This is the way a magician announces, reveals or displays the chosen cards identity. We at eMagicNow.com have the simple Pick-A-Card trick paired with a few fun and interesting revelations (ways to reveal it).

To learn more about card magic tricks buy an interesting book like Street Magic By Tom Ogden or check out your local magic store.


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