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If you don’t use it, will you lose it? It has taken thousands of years for philosophers, professors, doctors and scientists to understand memory yet we still have more to learn about it. We will be giving you millenniums of knowledge using a few easy skills that will have you memorizing hundreds, even thousands of drinks easily for as long as you live…

From Plato’s 4th century BC theory on memory called the Wax Tablet Hypothesis…
To the Loci mnemonic system which dates back to about 500 BC in Greece…
To Aristotle’s simple but profound use of Association…
To the A.A.I.R.Rs method…
The path to the understanding of memory has traveled down many vast roads of intelligence that have led through the minds and imaginations of many great men and women to you today… Why? So you can memorize more drinks than you can
shake-a-stick at to get people drinking and smiling in so many creative, tasty ways.

Memorizing hundreds, even thousands of drinks and recalling them even years later is basically fun, child’s play with great mental benefits to you.


Memory System:
This memory system generally works by using right brained activities (visual thought) and mental pictures because you instinctively remember better this way combined with Association to link the pictures together.

Basically, you will be using your imagination to link interesting pictures which represent each ingredient and drink name. Each of these mental images are placed in a room or place you know well or have seen which acts as a mental filing cabinet. Each room represents each of the main liquors.

For example you will have a Vodka room, a Gin room, a Jager room etc…This is similar to what the Greek orators did in 500BC with the Loci mnemonic system to remember long speeches by using landmarks as mental places to store ideas. (A mnemonic technique is any technique that aids in the memory.)
Each ingredient of the drink and drink name is represented by a picture of something that makes you really happy, mad, that disturbs you, is big, weird, wild, grotesque, funny, scary, numerous or even sexual. Basically linking very memorable pictures using vivid, unique or bizarre action and as many senses as possible …

Here’s an example of how to remember a Surfer on Acid which is a shot but is occasionally a drink that has Jagermiester, Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice ….

First, pick a certain room, object, or place you know well, like your living room, favorite restaurant, refrigerator, beach etc. which is where all your Jagermeister Drink pictures will be. So you remember all your Jager Drinks by placing those mental pictures somewhere in that room, place or thing.

Now create a mental picture that will always represent Coconut Rum (Malibu, Parrot Bay etc), Pineapple Juice and Surfer on Acid.
Coconut Rum- Imagine a Rastafarian with huge talking coconut dreads. So your mental representative for a Coconut Rum is always this Rastafarian. Or Imagine a Surfer wearing an itchy coconut as board shorts. Or imagine a gang of crazy, pestering Coconuts that annoy people..Whatever you choose is fine buddy as long as its memorable?
Pineapple juice - Imagine a huge, talking, funny Pineapple that pricks people with its skin.

Now imagine in a corner in the Jagermeister Room - the Rastafarian with talking, yelling coconut dreads (coconut rum) is eating the huge pineapple that is pricking him everytime(pineapple juice). The pineapple laughs when the Cocunut Dread-Haired Rasta man bites it. It laughs so much that it cries huge pineapple tears which hits and pricks the Rasta Man every time. Yes, I know it sounds strange but it works…


Now imagine that the Rastafarian has on a blond wig that make him look like a California Surfer. He is surfing on a lot of talking, yelling coconuts from his long dreads. He keeps pulling more from his hair because the coconuts are getting melted by a sea of acid while he is eating the talking Pineapple who is crying laughing at the situation.

Now when you hear Surfer on Acid, you know it’s a Jager Drink because it’s in a Jager Room in your Mind’s Eye(imagination). The Jager drink has Coconut Rum (the Rasta man with talking coconut dreads) and Pineapple Juice (talking, yelling, laughing, pricking Pineapple being eatin’ by the Rasta Man). The Surfer on Acid is the blond wig and Acid which is melting the coconuts being surfed on by the RastaMan and Pineapple. It sounds strange but you won't forget it.

Alternate Easier Example:
In a section of your Jagermeister Room or Place, you can think of the same Rasta Man shaped like and having prickly skin like a Pineapple - crying laughing tears of little Pineapples while surfing in a sea of Acid which is melting his Surf Board of hundreds of Coconuts. You can hear the coconuts yelling as they are being melted and
you can smell burning or cooking coconuts.

Another Drink Example:
In the Jager Room in a different area, think of a Voluptuous, naked, Red-Headed woman or Lindsay Lohan passionately making out with a drunk, wild, crazy Peach with hands and legs in a kiddie pool filled with Cranberries. They are Stomping and Splashing Cranberries everywhere.
This is a Red Headed Slut (Voluptuous, naked, Red-Headed woman or Lindsay Lohan- neither one are sluts but you will remember it) Shot which has Jager (Jager Room), Peach Schnapps (drunk, wild, crazy Peach with hands and legs) and Cranberry (pool of Cranberrys being stomped and juiced like grapes)
Or Imagine Lindsay Lohan is having a huge Peach Baby. The Baby is crying thousand of cranberries which are hitting the ground and splashing everywhere. You can even smell the cranberries.


Practice! and you will never forget it...
Go through the drinks you remember a couple times a day for 2 days -
Then once every couple days- Then once a week for a month -Then once every 6 month. And you will never forget. Plus it can be fun while you are sharpening your imagination and memory.

Why do we use mental pictures?
Well, the left-brain produces verbal thought while the right-brain creates pictures or visualizations known as visual thought. Studies have proven that you can recall and repeat 7 words out of a long list you simply see or hear. This function of memory is controlled by the left brain which controls verbal thought.

On the other hand, if you are shown pictures - the right brain can remember at least 99 pictures easily with visual thought. This is the reason we use right brained activities and mental pictures because you instinctively remember better this way.

This may seem like a lot of steps and work, but often all of the steps take only seconds to complete because you will be simply "playing with mental pictures"
Similar to how it takes more time to file information alphabetically than to just throw that information into a box, it takes longer to memorize something in this way. It is actually more information to memorize, but, when it comes time to retrieve the drinks, you will know exactly where and how to find it quickly.

This is actually all just Childs Play that has great mental benefits for you and your memory.
So Play for a few Minutes a day and Memorize cocktails for ever.

Now…. go forth and use your new great skills, you drink genius. Plato, Aristotle, and many other great minds would be proud…

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Drink Mnemonics System

Apple- Free Drink Memory System

For several centuries, people have been using mnemonics and other memory techniques to retain hard-to-remember information with much ease. A mnemonic (pronounced as "neh-mon-ik") is any memory device(technique) that aids in memory. Mnemonics are used to enhance memory of complex information by means of letter patterns, ideas, or word associations.

For instance, here is a nnuemonic for the names and order of the nine planets.

“My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”?
Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

You can learn to remember drinks and cocktails as well by using mnemonics or wordplays that contain the drinks ingredients.

Check out some free drink mnemonics now!

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